Friday, May 18, 2012

My day in a nutshell

Heather was racing me out the door this morning. It was so funny. She won because she is highly educated.
Work seemed to drag on and on! I think it's because I have tomorrow off. I was so glad to be done with the day. I'd helped with training. It's the blind leading the blind! It's fun though.

Today Hannah Hales turned 14. When I met her she was 12. It is weird to me that she is 14 now.
After work Katie gave me a ride to The store than to Spencer's house.
I gave Hannah her flowers an Spencer wrapped her present.
We had Brick Oven Pizza for dinner. It was yummy.
After dinner Hannah opened presents. Spencer and I had gotten her the flowers and then seeds for an herb garden. She plants things in cups and pots outside. She's got a bit of a green thumb. She seemed to like the seeds.
After presents we went for a walk. Not a crazy long walk. It was about 2 1/2 miles. Spencer kept saying he was fine but I think he over did it. Web we got home he Tom his meds and then went to lay down.

It was a fun evening. I have to say though my favorite part of the day was when he was laying down. I sat by him and we talked for about an hour. I told him some of my favorite memories from when we met and had just started dating. We talked about our dream house. What it would look like. What we would be doing in 25 years. Things we've talked about before but now seem so much more important.
We decided about 6-8 ish months ago that when we had kids their baby blankets would all have the same pattern but different colors for each kid. That as they grew and got bigger beds I would make them new blankets. They would look the same. The pattern and colors wouldn't change but they would go from crib to twin to full to queen. Then when we were done having kids we would make us a blanket that is the same pattern as the kids blankets but using each of their colors. We decided tonight that I should still do that even though it won't be for Spencer and I.

I am so glad that I was able to see Spencer today. I am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow. I am hoping we get to do the video interview. Keep your fingers crossed.

These are some pictures from Hannah's birthday stuff.

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  1. Your post made me teary but I am glad you guys were able to talk about those things. You two are incredible people.

    Happy birthday Hannah!