Friday, May 25, 2012

The things that are...

Spencer was able to go out with his home teachers this morning. They took him for a drive up the Springville Canyon. He said it was fun.

He started feeling sick this afternoon. He rested for as long as he could. His tummy has been giving him issues.

We had plans with Derek and River.

Spencer called me right at 7 when I was about to head to his house so we could wait for them. He said how sorry he was for ruining the evening. I told him that he was fine. Derek and River weren't up set. They still went out on the date. I'd planned on spending my evening with Spencer anyway. I fail to see how the evening was ruined.

We didn't do much talking tonight. He laid in bed. I sat on the floor next to him. It was a good evening.

We might go to the show tomorrow. We might get to take his siblings to see the Avengers. Sam still hasn't seen it. Olivia needs to see it again. We'll see if Spencer is still up for it tomorrow.

Derek said he'd call Spencer tomorrow. I hope they get to have a man date tomorrow.

I don't have great pictures from today. Spencer kept catching me with the camera. I wasn't very sneaky today.

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