Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Short, sweet and to the point.

Today wasn't a great day in some ways and it was a good day in others.

Spencer got a new phone, he saw his grandparents on the Hales side and he was visited by his Home teachers.

He was in a very low mood. He was struggling today. It was hard to watch.

We were talking this evening and looking at pictures. I'd found my baby book and a picture of me just days old. I had one of him just days old too. We decided we would have had cute babies.

Hoping tomorrow is better.

So here are the pictures for today.


  1. Spencer looks like he is going to punch the photographer in the face! I think he still feels this way about having his picture taken, but I'm glad he isn't as aggressive about it now; you would have had a billion black eyes!! ;o)

  2. They're beautiful pictures. :)