Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stress and Craziness

So I am stressing. Not a big shock right? I'm not stressing because of Spencer. I am stressing over this whole situation. This situation sucks. This morning Spencer wasn't up for anything. We'd planned on doing the interview. He said later because he just couldn't do it. He's hurting. I get that. I just wish I knew what to do to help. I would take this from him in a heart beat if I could.
This evening I was finally able to see him. I sat next to him as he was resting. He seemed to be in a bad mood. I sat with him for about 90 minutes before he said hi back.
He doesn't want to take his pain meds. I find that to be brave but at the same time, you don't get awards for suffering. I worry about him.

Around 6 ish he decided we should go down stairs. We sat on the porch for a little bit. It was nice to talk to him. I also was able to take a few pictures. He's cute.

When it was time for dinner I left. I have family in town so I went to have dinner with them. We went out for dinner and the frozen yogurt. We brought some back to Spencer. He liked it a lot. I'm glad for that.

I am glad I was able to see Spencer. I sure love that man.

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  1. I hope today is better for the both of you. Hang in there. We love you both! Gina, although I don't know you well, I feel like through your blog, and through Spencer I understand you to some degree. We have a few things in common-the passings of our moms, Spencer (though different too), etc. Thanks for being there for him when he's down. He needs you and your companionship and comfort. Remember that the entire ward is praying for him, his family and for you. :) If you ever need anyone to talk to, someone who understands Spence to some degree too, I'm here. If you feel like texting, feel free. (801) 822-8072. I'm serious about that too! Oh, by the way, you looked totally gorgeous on Sunday! Hopefully that's not too weird, but you were beautiful!