Saturday, May 12, 2012

What a day!

Spencer text me this morning at 7:22. He went to the Temple ground breaking. He said it was really cool. He got home around 10:30ish.

He text me again at noon saying I should come over. He was laying down because of the days events that had already passed. I sat by his bed holding his hand for about 2 hours. He looks so peaceful when he's resting.

This afternoon Uncle Jason and Aunt Maryann came over. They live in St George. They took us to ice cream. Uncle Jason told Spencer if he wanted to go on a trip anywhere he would fit the bill! How cool is that! Jason is a really nice guy. I like him mucho.

After ice cream I came home. Derek and River were coming over for dinner and I still needed to make food. Spencer laid down again for a bit. Derek was nice and picked him up to bring him here.

We had a good dinner and then watched a movie. We are all getting so old. River was the only one who didn't fall asleep! Hahaha. It was a fun evening though.

It's not just after 10pm and I am so tired that I can't keep my eyes open! Spencer is home and in bed. Our friends are home. I am ready for some sleep too.

It was a good day. Spencer was busy and was in a good number of pictures. This one is of him resting when I first came over today. I love him mucho.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys had a good day. :) That's great to hear! Sending hugs yours and Spencer's way!