Monday, May 28, 2012

What a day

After work I went to Spencer's house. It was nice to see as I rode up that he was sitting on the porch with Sam. He was only there for a bit before he went up to lay down.

I sat by him until dinner time. We talked a bit. He was tired and not feeling well so he mainly rested.

Some people in his was brought him cookies. They were super hero cookies! They were tasty too.

He didn't come down for dinner. He wasn't hungry. Sam and I rode to my house do he could put air in Calli's bike tire. I came back for my backpack. Spencer walked me down stairs and then kissed me goodnight.

He had people coming over and I didn't want to be in the way. Spencer told me I needed to be with people. So I went to my ward's FHE.

I locked myself out of my house and Sam drove Spencer over to unlock my door. They're nice. Spencer took a bunch of pictures of us. Her hat is so not the norm for him. He was so cute about it. I am really glad he did that. He told me I can't post them... Sorry.

Today was a big day. Spencer got his Temple recommended. I got the first half of mine. He will be going through in a few days. I will be going through hopefully this weekend. It's been a big day.

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  1. Wahooooooo on the temple recommend!!! That's awesome!!! He will certainly love it there. What a beautiful and peaceful place.

    I'm glad it was a decent day. :) You guys need as many of those as possible.