Friday, June 1, 2012

May 31, 2012

I worked from 8-4:30 today. I do everyday.

After work I brought dinner over to Spencer's house. I put the food down and walked up stairs to say hello to Spencer. When I walked in his room I said "Hello love of my life." He was weak. His voice was quiet but he still grabbed for my hand and was so excited to see me. He smiled big and said how happy he was that I was over. He told me he loved me. It was the best greeting ever. It was all I could do to not cry.

After our hellos he asked me "Am I good? Promise?" "Will you remember me? Promise?" "Do you love me? Promise?" I answered the questions with tears running down my cheeks. He is so scared he won't be remembered. I told him that he is unforgettable.

After dinner he wanted to lay down. He is really weak. We watched The Iron Giant as he was in bed. I forgot how funny that movie is. We laughed the whole time. He also held my hand the whole time. He would every so often squeeze it. He's sweet.

It's moments like that that make my heart skip a beat. I had a crush on Spencer when I first met him. I couldn't even make eye contact with out blushing. He was/is just son cute. I never really lost that crush feeling. My heart still flutters when I get a text. I still get flustered when he calls me. I can all but feel my heart beat out of my chest when he holds my hand or kisses me. I'm glad I still have such a crush on him. It makes when he tells me he loves me that much better.

I went home around 9:30pm. He was falling asleep. My dad and sister are in my living room as I type this. Tomorrow we buy what I need for the temple. Saturday at the Provo Temple at the 9:20am session I will be getting endowed. I am so excited. If you can make it, please come.

Today was another good day.

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  1. I wish I could be there when you go through the temple but my recommend is not current. Someday.

    I'm glad it was a good day. :) It makes me happy to hear that. And Spencer will always be remembered. He's made such an impact on so many lives...he'll be in many hearts forever.