Thursday, June 14, 2012

I fear the lameness. So I am posting

So it has come to my attention that I am a lame blogger. I have been told this by someone who will remain nameless. So, I am now posting because I fear the lameness.

June 12, 2012 Tuesday

I worked. It was good. Well… about as good as work can be.

Right as I was pulling into my parking lot Spencer text me. “Do you want to come over?” Heck yes I do! I told him I’d be over as soon as I changed my clothes. He said that he was excited to see me. Seriously! It made my heart skip a beat.

I still have such a crush on him. Whenever I get a text or email I can’t help but to smile. When I see him, I light up. I love him so much. I really like that I still have a school girl crush on him. He is wonderful.

I went over there and we sat upstairs for a little bit before coming down for dinner. He told me that Mary was coming over to say Hi.

After dinner we sat out on the porch for about an hour talking with Mary. It was fun to visit. We laughed and talked while her kids played with air planes. I thought it was really fun. She also brought over a pie. I wanted to eat said pie. I didn’t get a chance because I left shortly after Mary did. I had a date with Katie Marie.

Katie and I went to Applebees and listened to tone deaf people try to sing. It was fun. The staff at Applebees are troupers! They have to put up with so much. Katie and I then came back to my house and watched RENT. We are old and were tired at 10. Neither one of us said anything until 2am.

June 13, 2012 Wednesday

Spencer and I went to breakfast at Village Inn. We also were able to eat pie. It was free. We got 2 different kinds so we could sample. It was awesome. I love Spencer and I love Pie. It was the best morning ever.

We then walked across the street to the mall. I had a bill to pay and needed new shoes. I don’t like shoes. I wouldn’t have bought new ones if it weren’t for the fact that I walked through the soles of the ones I was replacing. I didn’t know what I wanted. I walked to Spencer with a different shoe on each foot. I was going to have Him pick. He then replied with “What if I bought the other pair?” Spencer bought me shoes. They are blue, tan and white plaid. They are pretty much the coolest shoes I’ve ever owned. He picked good ones. The ones I bought are just black. They are kind of boring.

After we got back from the mall he needed to rest. I sat with him for about an hour before I went home. I wanted to sit with him. There was just has so much I needed to get done at home.

I broke my toilet brush cleaning my toilet. That was funny. I went to go buy a new toilet brush. My bathroom is clean. My bedroom is clean. My kitchen is clean. (The toilet brush was only used on the toilet)

A little before 6pm I went back over to Spencer’s house as per instructions given by Spencer earlier in the afternoon. It was Alexis’s birthday. She is 23. We all had dinner and watched her open presents. It was fun. I’m glad I was able to be there.

After dinner Spencer and I talked a bit before I came home. He and Sam gave me a ride. Sam is a good sport for driving us and Spencer was nice and sat by me in the back seat of the cab in the truck.

I could have posted this last night but I chose not to. I wanted to sit on my bum and do nothing.

June 14, 2012 Thursday

My back hurts. It hurt some yesterday. Today it is trying to kill me. RUDE! It made it hard to sit at my desk. I was glad to come home.

Spencer is out with his friends tonight. They are up in Salt Lake seeing another Alien movie… Boys….

I am really glad that Spencer gets to go out with his friends. I like that they go out. I wish my car was working so that we could go do things too.

My friend Andrew is getting married in 2 weeks. I am beyond jealous. He brought over his announcement. The pictures are cute. He is 6'4 ish 5 and she is 5'3. I love it! I cut his hair. It was needed. It looked like I'd shaved a cat. There was so much hair on the floor.

I have been at home doing really nothing. I have cleaned my house. I have made me dinner. Sadly in that order… I don’t want to clean again. I already did that once today. Ha!

This is my story. I have a few pictures from the last couple of days.


  1. Does the person's name who said you are a lame blogger (which I don't agree with) start with a D and end with edra? Hmmm...

    I really enjoyed our visit. The kids asked when we can go again. :) Pie is DEFINITELY delicious. What a great morning! I'm glad you got new shoes. Spencer is so nice to buy some for you too. He's such a kind and generous person. I admire that and I need to be MUCH MORE like that.

    I'm REALLY glad you cleaned JUST the bathroom with the toilet brush. I would have called you a seriously weird person (more than you already are-hee hee) had you cleaned the kitchen with it. Oy...scary.

    I cannot believe Lexi is 23. I taught her in Young Women's and that was more than five years ago! I'm getting freakin' old! Ack!

    You know...sitting on my bum and doing nothing sounds pretty awesome some days.

  2. Hey! It wasn't me. Commenter above me is a stinker. It was Ryan, wasn't it?

  3. Sorry Dedra. Your name is the only family member's I remembered. From what Gina's told me, you're awesome. :) But you're right...I am a stinker. ;)

  4. It was a friend from work. Haha.