Monday, June 4, 2012

The okay day... Good evening

I worked today. This week is 4 10’s. I thought when I got this job that it would be awesome. It is, I just don’t like getting off so late. It only leaves me with a short time to be able to see Spencer.

I had an actual medical alarm that made me cry. Her husband was weak, dizzy, unable to walk, shortness of breath, and a host of other things that his a bit too close to home of me. It was all I could so not to cry with her. Once I got off the phone from the alarm. I took a few minutes to compose myself. I then called Spencer. I needed to hear that he was okay. (Well, as okay as he can be.) I had worked myself up pretty good.

Work seemed to pass by in a daze for the most part. In the morning I am able to see that the time passes by rather quickly. Then comes the afternoon. The minutes drag by.

I didn’t get to email with Spencer during the day. I was sad about that. I like it when we are able to chat a bit during the day. I was glad I was able to talk with him for the few minutes this morning.

Once I got home I went to Spencer's house. Today is Stephen's birthday. We all had a nice dinner and then went for a ride. 6 of the Hales kids and myself crowded into the back of the truck and we drove around Provo. It was fun.

Sam, Olivia, Hannah and Spencer gave me and my bike a ride home. It was nice of them.

I am not laying in be thinking about what a good evening I had.

Tomorrow Spencer goes through the Temple tomorrow. It is so exciting!

The picture is one my sister too. It was awesome. I really like it a lot.

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  1. Awww, cute picture. I'm excited to hear how Spence's temple trip went. I'm sure the peace found there will come as no exception to him. :)