Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just another day in paradise

I am trying to not be a lame blogger. I was really good about posting every day for a little while. I then became a slacker.

I have not been sleeping well and I am just too tired to really write anything. So, I am sitting at work as I type this. I figure if I can type out the first half of the blog at work and then finish it up before I go to bed. This is my plan.

The only problem with this plan is that I now have 8-10 hours a day to ramble. That is good and bad. It’s good that I get to write down everything that I think. It’s bad if you don’t care and you are reading my blog. Haha. Jokes on you! This is my sorry in advance.

I sometimes like to free write at work. It’s never anything of substance. That’s the problem. I could tell you funny things that happen at work…

We had a lady named Constance Butts. Her alarm was going off and everything David would say her name for a message or for dispatching or whatever everyone would giggle. We are all children here. When David was done with the calls he said “She must have really loved her husband” I think I would have kept my last name if I were in her shoes. Anderson is way better than Butts. Haha We’re so immature.

I am trying to not just free write. I could ramble and go on forever about needing to pee, being hungry, wanting to stretch, stupid people not knowing how to work their alarms, AWESOME older people calling in and telling me the alarm is false and then telling me stories and things like that. (I actually really like listening to the old people telling me stories.) I could ramble about that for a long time. I could make this blog post a novel. I won't do that. Haha This is why I don’t blog at work. I never have anything of substance to write about until the evening. Even then it’s my rambling about what *I* found to be important throughout the day. If I type at work, there is no telling what I’ll ramble about! See, I’m doing it now!

We had a team meeting today. It was kind of fun. We are really obnoxious. There are 17 people on my team. We didn’t go over any of the things we needed to. We ate cookies and joked around. It was awesome. It was like having an hour long break randomly. Then after my team meeting I went on my regularly scheduled break. HAHA

Once I got home I went over to Spencer's house. I sat with him for a while. He was tired. I was glad to be with him while he rested.

He needed to vote today. So we went with Stephen and Calli to the Court house to vote. It was Sam's first time voting. That is way weird to me.

After voting we went back home and Spencer went up stairs to rest again. He was really dizzy. It was hot and really bright. That wasn't helping anything.

Spencer asked me what I write in my journal every night. I told him that it's just the days events. He asked in the past what I've written. I finally understood that he was asking what I wrote about him. I told him that I write about how sweet he is and kind and I went on and don't want to embarrass him... That everything we've done I write down. From going to the grocery store to the kiss goodnight. He asked who would read my journal. I told him my kids would after I'm dead. He asked if he would be embarrassed by my journals. I told him yes and so would I. That's why I have to be dead for people to read them. Haha
He then asked me if he was going to heaven. It always hurts my heart to heart that. I told him how he was lucky to able to finish his work here so quickly. That he must have an important job to be called him so soon. I really think he has a major roll to play. Why else would he have had some of the trials in his life that he has? I asked him if he would be there when I die to say hi. He told me he would be. :)

At 8 we had dinner. We sat at the bar and talked. I love being able to talk with him. We decided we're going to make dinner for his family tomorrow night. I really like cooking with Spencer. I think it's going to be fun.

I was home be 9:30. It was a good day.

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  1. I also think Spence has a greater purpose in the next life. Like your mom and mine. If he's one of the best men I know while on earth, he must be something awfully special to be called home early.

    There was a lady I worked with whose name was Ilene Pead. She Just went by "I" when introducing herself. It was pretty darn funny and I snickered every time she got a weird look.