Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick update

I am a sucky blogger.

Katie moved. She is in Washington. I miss her. She has great things ahead of her and her family. I am happy for them for making it back home.

Work is still work.

Alexa is down for EFY.

Mati came home! She's had tons of stories and pictures. Spencer told me how happy he is to have her back.

Spencer's head is hurting again. :( I was sad for that. I don't like when he is in pain. I wish I could just take all of this from him. He is still really dizzy. He is so brave and strong. I am very impressed with him. He gives enduring to the end a whole new meaning for me. He is amazing.

Spencer, Chris, Alexa and I went to lunch today. It was fun. We ate at Brick Oven. We then dropped Alexa off at EFY.

I worked. After work I came back to Spencer's house. We all had dinner together. It was nice. I really like Spencer's family.

I was home be 8:45. Spencer and Sam saw the entertainment center I got from Katie. I hooked everything up all by myself the way Spencer had it hooked up! I was so proud if my self.

Spencer and I took a couple of pictures together. They will not be shown on this blog per request from Spencer. They are cute pictures though. :)

This is my quick update.


  1. I'm really sorry Spencer's head is hurting again. I also wish I could take that from him. :( I'm really glad Mati's back! I know he and Mati are close.

  2. I miss you like crazy. As much as I a happy to be back in WA, it isn't the same without you. Xoxoxo