Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

Today is day 1.

I already don't like it...


  1. I agree with Katie. I'm not a fan of the last two days either. They've been hard and people are walking on egg shells around me but it will get better. Stay close to the Lord and remember that Spencer loves you and wants you to move on. If you need to talk, call or text me. I'm here.

  2. Darling Gina,

    I am sad that I have only gotten to know you through blogs. I wish we lived closer. I wish I could give you hugs, and that you could come over so I could bake you brownies and listen while you cried (because I am a really good listener, and I make killer brownies, and sometimes they are medically necessary!). Mostly, I am sorry that you have to go through heartbreak.

    I can't imagine how you hurt, but you can do hard things, and you are loved. You have a team of cheerleaders that you probably don't even remember meeting, and we are crying for you, and praying for you (and we are your lovely, bossy, funny, talented, opinionated, busy, caring,far away cousins, so you can't get rid of us!).

    I am glad I got to have your Spencer in my life (even a little bit), thank you for sharing him.

    Just point your life in the right direction, do the little things that make life possible (breathe in, breathe out, brush teeth, wash clothes, say prayers), and keep going.

    If you need to talk, or to vent about stupid things people say, or if you reach a point where you want to recover from grief, talk to me. But never, never, never forget how loved you are.

    from your very far away cousin, Marie