Monday, October 8, 2012

Memory Monday

Its Monday again. Who keeps letting that happen? Mondays are rude for the most part. They make me wake up early. I don’t love that. What I do love though is Memory Monday. That happens to be what this post is. Another Memory Monday! Aren’t you so lucky! You get to hear another memory that proves that I should be in a nut house!

I have been thinking about what I could write about. I have talked about several random things. What I have decided is that I am going to start picking pictures and then telling the story as to why we took it.

At the bottom of this post you will see pictures of Me and of Dedra with spoons on our faces. We were showing off how talented we are. These were talked while Dedra was living in Kansas.

I believe that these were taken at maybe 1am.

Dedra and I had been up sewing, playing, eating junk food, playing Chicken to Ride and having so much fun!

We were goofing around and we started to stick spoons to our faces. Dedra and I were able to get the spoons to stick to our cheeks and chins. We were able to get them to stick on our noses. We then got out tape and tried to stick them to out eyebrows. The silliness went on.

Dedra and I made blankets that were pictures of all the fun things we did on this trip. We went to Liberty Jail, we saw WICKED, we ate at the Melting Pot, we went to the Temple Lot, We had ice cream at Broms (sp), and meny more things. It was such a fun trip! Dedra even had Snow White living in her ward. She was the RS president. I saw her house. It was pretty much amazing.

That was such a fun trip! I loved Kansas mucho. It was a party!

***Side Note***
This was also the trip that I met my friend Jessica! Dedra and I had lunch with her at Pizza Hut. I drank Jessica’s water and I also smushed her chips. Haha! I am special. It was really fun. I heart Jessica Mucho! She is fun.

So this started out as Spoons on the face and then ended as my trip to Kansas that year… I’m good at this game.


  1. dear gina,

    you are lame. that's a compliment.

  2. Dear Gina,

    Your sister speaks truths.

  3. Dear Dedra and David,
    You both are lame.
    Love, Gina

  4. Dear Gina,

    I'm still offended over the water and chips! However I still love you mucho!