Sunday, October 14, 2012

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I have outstanding news! My car is in the shop! I am so excited. I should be driving by Tuesday.

I am so excited. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. I will be able to go get my car and not have to leave right when it starts getting dark I will be able to actually stay until it’s bed time. I will be able to see my man more! I am so happy.

I also will be able to go grocery shopping. I haven’t really been grocery shopping in a long time. I will pick up milk and bread but I am really running on nothing at this point. I may need a friend to go with me. This is a warning to everyone.

I will also be able to use the GYM at work. I have never been able to before because I would be dark by the time I could find time to go. Now that doesn’t matter. I’ll be able to drive. I am really excited about this. Also with me not riding my bike to work every I’ll need to work out. HA!

On other notes. We had several call outs at work today. That was lame. It was crazy busy this morning. It seemed like every person ever was being a stinker and setting off the alarm. Also, there were lots of husbands with good intentions setting off the fire alarm. Some men just shouldn’t cook.

Jentrie had the giggles this morning. It was great. Everything was funny. I love when she is tired like that. Hahaha.

I am in a rambling mood. I hope that his hasn’t been too much of my awesome randomness. Haha.

Oh man! What a day yesterday was! Now that I have been able to get some sleep I will tell you about it.

It’s funny because I was more rested than most of the rest of the house.

Alexis and Aaron were married yesterday.

Mati and Lexi stayed up until 5am putting the finishing touches on Lexi’s dress. Calli stayed up all night doing flowers and everything else ever!

Olivia and I were up until 1am making pies and watching Batman. We had a slumber party at my house.

Olivia and I were back at her house by 6:50am.

I helped fix the bridesmaids dresses. The sleeves needed altered a bit. I did Hannah, Olivia and Alexis’ hair. I slapped together a flower for Aaron. It was a crazy morning.

I went home to try to take a nap around 11:30am. My upstairs neighbor was vacuuming for what seemed like an eternity. I finally gave up and went back to Spencer’s house.

His cousins were there to help him today while everyone was running around.

I was able to be with Spencer that afternoon and evening. It was fun to have a mini date again. We made dinner and were able to visit. He had a big day today also. He was up all night as well. With all the hustle and bustle of the night he wasn’t able to sleep.

He kept saying things like “My sister is married” “Alexis is married.” He asked me her new last name and he kept saying “Alexi Puglisi” over and over again. It was weird to him. I was weird to me too as my siblings got married.

He asked me if I thought anyone noticed that he wasn’t at the Temple or the Reception. I told him how I knew that everyone missed him. He kept saying how he wished he was able to go to the family dinner on the 12th. He wished he was able to go to the wedding. He loves his family so much. He wants to be able to share in these moments. He is so sad that he is sick. He feels like he is in the way and he would like to be helping.

Now that the wedding is over there will be a lot less stress at the Hales home. Everyone has been working so hard for the wedding. Lex was a vision in her dress. Mati, Olivia and Hannah were all so beautiful. Chris and Sam here so handsome. I am so glad I was able to see everyone all dressed up. It was a good day.

I had left for the evening before the family all got back from the reception. I did get to hear how that went. I will be asking about that tonight when I get to see everyone again.

I am glad that I was able to help with the wedding. I hope that Lexi’s day was memorable in the best ways. I love everyone at that house. I am so happy for Aaron and Alexis. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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