Thursday, October 4, 2012


This is a list of things that happened at work.

· Summer is on a diet so she went to McDonald’s and didn’t eat the bread on her sandwich. That way there were no carbs and it was “healthy” It was the best thing ever. Loved it!
· There is a mandatory meeting on my next day off that I informed my supervisor that I would not be attending.Sadness....
· When I told Norm I didn’t feel well he backed away slowly. He then brought me a trash can so I don’t ruin the carpet. He’s so thoughtful. Haha.
· Vivint is having an “End of the year Carnival”. My work friends tried to get me to say that I would be going. (There is no way in HELL that I would go to a show like that for “fun”)
· I raffled off my tickets to the carnival to my coworkers. Haha (That was fun.)
· I rocked my 1:1!
· Brock through a fit because his break was moved from 11am to 11:15. He freaked out at Cam. They has to leave the central Station to a finish the discussion. Norm ended up sending him home. There was HUGE drama because Brock is a big baby!

Good idea: Making AWESOME stew and getting to eat it with some of my most favorite people.
Bad Idea: Carrying the 7qt crock pot and 2 loafs of bread the half mile to their house.
Result: My arms are very sore. Haha

Good Idea: Waking up a few minutes early to work out before you head to work.
Bad Idea: Waking up a few minutes early to work out before you ride your bike 5 miles up hill to work.

Good Idea: Having good work friends to help the day pass by faster at work.
Better Idea: Not sitting by people so I can focus on my work.
Result: I have gotten 90%’s and higher on graded calls, I have had zero errors, my productivity is awesome and now that I am not sick my attendance is good too. WOOT!

Good Idea: Saving all my extra meal tickets at work.
Bad Idea: Forgetting your name badge at home so you are unable to print out a meal ticket.
Result: I own the souls of Kasey and Jeremy. Muhahaha!

Good Idea: quietly letting someone know that their toonies are showing.
Result: Tiphanie freaking out at me. (It made me want to punch her in the face…. HARD. It also made me wish that her toonies were still showing!) (I’m not bitter…)

This and That:

· I want to make bread
· I want my house to clean its self
· I want to never be tired again
· I want to sew all the time
· I want to be a master at paper piecing
· I want to be a H.I.N.J.
· I want to Shave people’s eyebrows and make them cry
· I want to throw my phone at the wall.
· Dedra is making a quilt that makes me painfully jealous
· Someone needs to make me a treat. NOW!


  1. you should make a quilt like mine. it would be awesome.

  2. also, don't throw your phone against the wall. then we can't talk to dad at the same time. you'd be even lamer.

  3. Shave people's eyebrows? Wow. That made me blink a few times. Haha.