Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4 – The Craziness that spawned me

These are my Parents

 This is my Dad at 18

This is my Mom at 18

I want to just share a couple memories of each of my Parents.

I wanted to go to the Game Farm in Sequim Washington. I’d never been the one to drive to Sequim before even though I’d been there several times. Mom and I drove to Sequim so I could drive me and my date there. Once we got there mom said she wanted ice cream. So she bought us DQ and then we went home. Haha. When we got home dad asked us where we went. Mom said that we drove to Sequim to get ice cream. It was a fun drive.

Mom and I did a lot of sewing projects that were more costumes. We would go and buy yards and yards of fabric. Whenever we found something that we liked we would buy at least 10 yards of it. I have some really fun costumes. I’m glad that I made mom show me how to sew.
These are some of the costumes we made

When I was 6 or so I wanted to have a daddy daughter date. It took several times asking for him to take me. We had a picnic at the Brownsville water front. We bought food to eat at a mini mart. I asked dad for orange soda. Mom never let me have any of it. I was messy. I would spill everything and she didn’t want to clean it up. No Orange soda for Gina. Well dad didn’t know that. I asked for orange soda. HE BOUGHT IT FOR ME!!!!!!! I was so excited! We got to the waterfront and we looked for sand dollars. He showed me the works people but for bate. We then sat down to eat. Then it happened. My soda exploded and I spilled all over myself. Dad was annoyed but not the way mom would have been. We played a little longer before we went home. When we got home I walked in the house and I was in trouble. I was sticky and dirty. Mom reminded me in her very special way that I wasn’t to have orange soda. It was a fun date.

Another time Dad and I were at a festival. We didn’t know where we were going to have dinner. We ended up at a Buzz inn. It’s kinda like a Sizzler ish. There was a bar off to the side that was doing Karaoke. I was 15. I was too young to be in there. Dad went and talked to the Bar tender. They roped off a section that I would stand in and I got to sing my song. Drunks are the best audience! If you are even the slightest bit good they think you’re beyond amazing! Hahahaha.

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