Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 18 – The World of food

So there are many places that I like to eat. All of these places are places that I don’t have to cook. Haha.
 There is a Thai place in Poulsbo Washington that is amazing. I loved eating there. I miss it sometimes. Its been a really long time. Next time I’m home I’m going to take Spencer there.

Applebees! This is a great fall back. I like the food. I have great memories there. It’s a fun place. When I moved to Utah the first time my roommates and I lived at Applebees. We were there every Thursday to see Austin. We hearted him mucho. He was the best waiter

In Washington we’d hang out there too. It’s the same no matter where you go but the one in Orem is the best. 

 Wendi and Larry’s house is a good place to eat too. If I cook I old have to bring something small. Larry makes the best bread and Wendi can cook anything! It’s a magic place.

I love Ensign Ranch! I love eating there! There is always too much food. The food is always really awesome. I help cook but I am never the one to make the whole meal. We all get to be in the kitchen laughing and talking. This year Spencer and I made the rolls for dinner. There was more butter than bread. It was go good.

This is a place I never want to eat. Fairs and festivals are places that no one should ever eat!
 The food is greasy, heavy, and icky!

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