Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 19 – Something I miss

There are many things I miss. I miss being able to only be a few minutes from every person in my family. I miss greenery everywhere. I miss being able to smell the clean, chilled, moist air in the morning in Washington. Most of all, I miss my Mom.

I miss the silly moments. I miss her yelling at me. I would give anything to hear her swear at me. I miss being able to call her and ask all my stupid questions. I miss waking up to her practicing the piano. I miss singing around the piano. I miss the music. Most of all I miss  the things that she is going to miss now that she’s not here. She won’t meet Spencer. She won’t see me go through the Temple. She won’t meet my children. She will miss out on a lot of things. I miss her so much. 

This Video is something that is a good memory. The singing isnt the best but the time spent making this video was.

I miss my Mama

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