Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 3 - The Love of a Good Man

My first love was Phill Hughs. This was a tragic love triangle. I was 5 or 6. He was in his 20’s. I loved him. He loved my sister Heather. Heather loved someone else. It was never meant to be… but he was my Superman
There is a picture of him and I where he is wearing a superman costume and he is carrying me. I have my arms around him. I wish I could find the picture. He was dreamy. He also gave me his cape. I wonder what happened to it...

Things didn’t work out with Heather and him. He moved to Texas… I think. When I found this out I CRIED! I was sitting on the bathroom floor sobbing and he knocked on the door. When he came in and sat by me. He put his arm around me and I just cried. He then said that he had a present for me. He gave me a little heart pendant on a very thin chain. It had a little diamond in the center of the heart. I still have this pendant. It is hanging on the wall in my bedroom at my Dad’s house. I need to bring it down here. It’s pretty. I would wear it if it was here.

I would like to have a picture or two for each of these posts but I can’t find any pictures of Phill and I

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