Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 1 - This is me take it or leave it

Hi, my name is Gina,

I'm fun. You want to be my friend. Hahaha. I'm not good with introductions. So we'll just dive in, Here are my 15 fun facts.

1. I am the 7th of 8 kids.
2. I was born in Idaho but was raised in Washington state. It's the best place on earth. Screw Disney Land!
3. I have 3 sister, 4 brothers, 25 nieces and nephews, 1 living parent and I'm his favorite.
4. I am 25.
5. I have the exact same color eyes as 2 of my brothers and my Mom.
6. I live in Utah.
7. I cut hair for a long time and miss it sometimes.
8. I work at a jewelry store.
9. I have been dating my Boyfriend for a year and a half.
10. My favorite colors are dark purple and dark green.
11. I love pie. Fruit pie, cream pie, savory pie, all pie! Well not Cherry pie. That's an insult to cherries and pie. So most pie!
12. I love pictures. They capture the memory.
13. I love socks! I have over 200 pair and no I will not share.
14. I keep a journal. I want my family to know just how crazy I am.
15. I am just as crazy as my Mom.

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