Saturday, February 15, 2014

A song that reminds you of your most recent Ex-boyfriend

My last ex-boyfriend would be Joseph. I had to EX him out of the boyfriend category in order to place him in the husband category. Bam Win!

One of the m any trips to the grocery story that was taken while Joseph and I were dating something amazing happened. Kyle decided to be a brat! Okay that isn't really all that amazing. Anyway, Kyle Joseph and I were driving to Winco. We were listening to a Disney mix CD that Kyle has made. A Whole New World from Aladdin Started playing. Until then, kyle and i had been singing along with every song that had played. I paused the CD and asked Joseph if he would be my Aladdin. He wasn't thrilled at the idea of just jumping in to sing. Kyle tried to tease him to get him to sing. Joseph isn't that kind. As soon as someone starts pushing, it becomes a brick wall. He will not be moved. I then told him is made me sad that he wouldn't sing with me. he still wasn't going to be a part of this. Kyle and I sang along with the song. We all went Grocery shopping time passed. Joseph was given a copy of the Disney CD. Where in secret he had been practicing Aladdin's part! We were on a drive and he said "I have something for you" I was scared. he changed the CD in his car and put it on tack 5. When A Whole New World started playing. He started singing!!! When the song was over he told me that he had been practicing since that trip to Winco. Now when ever I hear that song all I can thing is "Aww Joefluff is my Aladdin."

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