Sunday, February 16, 2014

A song that reminds you of one/both your parents

Mom had a few go to songs when she would be sitting down at the piano. If she was just messing around at home or if she was in a public place. She would start with Old McDonald. It would be played like she was a beginner. It was like she was showing you that she had just figured it out. Then she would boogie woogie the song.  As heard in the clip

Until my mom died we would sing around the piano. Mom would play fun songs and that would entice (trick) us to come sing. (I say trick because we wouldn't know sometimes that we were practicing for a "special" musical number in church until a couple of days (or the day of) before.) Mom would play Old Lamp Lighter and that would generally get most of us to come to the piano. Then She would play Here Am I. I loved to hear Dad sing this. I sadly only have a copy of him singing it where I am singing also. No one needs to hear that. So, I have a clip of my dad singing Old Lamp Lighter.