Friday, February 14, 2014

A song from my Childhood

I as thinking about this. What part of my childhood is this question referring to?

I asked Joseph and he told me that it would be anytime before the age of 8. That helped some....

We made Candy when I was a kid. That is something that I have posted about before. When we would be working we would listen to lots of different music. Something that Sticks out in my brain the most is that Dedra would often wake us up by playing 9 to 5 By Dolly Parton REALLY LOUD. We would all Stumble out of bed and tumble to kitchen. Our cup of ambition was 315 degree candy that we would pour into the molds. We would be yawning and stretching trying to come to life. After very one had taken showers and the blood was pumping we would work ALL day, not just 9to5. But what a way to make a living. We were all driven a little crazy in the process. We wanted to move ahead, do different things but the boss (mom) wouldn't let us until we were older. hahah

I just listened to that song and in my brain I saw Dedra Singing 9to5 being funny in the way she danced and boogied down the hall. Good times.

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