Thursday, February 20, 2014

A song that Reminds you of the past summer

 This may be too nerdy and or childish for most readers. You have been warned

So this summer, Kyle and I were preparing our "talent" for Ensign Ranch. We were so excited to show everyone! Kyle had been practicing his singing. (If any of you have heard him sing, you know what a big deal that is.) So we practiced out song and dance number for hours.
After much thought and consideration, we chose to sing a song from Pebble and the Penguin. We loved that movie as kids. Well, also as adults. hahaha. There is a song that Hubey and Rocko sing together. "Looks like I've got me a friend" Kyle had only been in Utah for a short time at this point. We were relearning how to get along. It was tough. This song was ironic because it was what became the foundation of our renewed friendship.

Kyle was Hubey and I was Rocko. I have to admit, we couldn't sing worth a darn but we were pretty dang funny to watch.

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