Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Spencer

Today would have been Spencer's 26th birthday. He would have told me that we are the same age finally! Then on my birthday he would have informed me that he'll catch up on day. He was silly.

Birthdays weren't a big deal at my house growing up. Spencer and I didn't really do presents but we went to dinner and would just hang out at home. Birthdays were more of a party at his folks house. His mom made a special dinner. She would decorate the table all fancy. It was always fun.

I know that I say this often but I really do miss Spencer. I miss how he would get so excited when he would get home from work and dinner was ready. I miss how when he would "help" me do the dishes he would end up just standing behind me resting his head on my shoulder with his arms around my waist. I miss him telling me he loves me. I just miss him as a whole.

I have gone through my pictures. I have found a few that I like. I think I have posted some of them before. I'm not sorry. These are just some of my favorite pictures of Spencer.

Happy Birthday to Spencer Stephen Hales. He was and still it my favorite. I love him.


  1. He is very missed. I've been thinking about him all day and even wrote a post on his FB page, although I know he won't reply. I've been thinking a lot about him recently.

  2. Oh, and I love the pictures. Great choices!

  3. Odd.. I typed in "Sweet Charade" in Google in reference of the song Hate This Place by Goo Goo Dolls, and this popped up. If your name is dedicated to that song, then you have good taste. ;) That song is my all time favorite GGD song. So much emotion.