Monday, May 13, 2013


I haven’t posted anything since Spencer’s birthday. There really hasn’t been anything to write about for the last couple of months. Well there has... I’ve just been lazy.

Kyle moved to Utah in March. That has been an adventure and a half. I had in my mind how I thought it would be. I knew that it would be hard because he’s a turdhead. I didn’t know what I had really signed up for…. Things are SLOWLY improving. I still want to sell him part of the time but I think I’ll keep him.

Dad came to Utah for 2 weeks. We sessions in 10 of the Temples in Utah. Between is we did almost 50 sessions. It was an amazing experience. I learned so much.

I have been trying to date…. That’s been interesting. I still miss Spencer like crazy. He was truly the perfect balance for my type of crazy. I have been kind of seeing this one yahoo. He’s not as lame as he could be. He’s fun sometimes. The dating game is stupid. I just want to win already.

I had a birthday in there somewhere. Went to Salt Lake and then had dinner at home with friends. It was a fun day. I have pictures. That may have to be another post. I don’t have a way to get those pictures up right now. Sam entered the MTC on my birthday. He text me happy birthday early that morning. He’s such a good kid. I’m really proud of him.

Mother’s Day came and went. I went to the first 45 minutes of Church. I still have a really hard time listening to others talk about their mothers. I shouldn’t be bitter…. And yet I am.

Kyle and I have decided that our family home evenings are never going to be at home. We like to go up the canyon. We grill. It’s fun. We go get pint stirrer sticks and catch them on fire. Hahaha. Its super fun.

My friends are cooler than yours. I have pictures to prove that one also. I really should just start posting more….. I’m really bad at blogging. I should work on that.

I am trying to think if there is anything else that I would say….. I don’t really have anything else.

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  1. I am so glad you posted! Huzzah! I've been waiting for a post for a while now. ;)

    I miss Spencer too and think about him a lot. I'm glad you're moving on a bit though. Spencer would want that for you.

    Mother's Day is bitter sweet for me too. I'm a mom and I love it but I've been missing my mom for 17 years. It's hard.

    Keep posting!