Monday, September 3, 2012

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: coming to work well rested
Bad Idea: Getting caught falling asleep at your desk (David, Guilty)

Good Idea: Enjoying the company that you keep at work.
Bad Idea: Being 20 minutes late coming back from break because you were too busy talking and not watching the clock. (Gina and Julia, Guilty)

Good Idea: Feeling comfortable talking to your boss.
Bad Idea: Making your boss feel intimidated so he won’t talk to you. He will talk your friends to find out about you. (Gina, Guilty. Norm is scared of me. He told Julia. haha)

Good Idea: Getting time off to go see family in Idaho and to see the Boise Temple Dedication.
Bad Idea: Having other people at work that have asked for the same time off.
Result: I have to leave Friday the 19th after work. Play Saturday the 20th and be at work by 2pm on that Sunday the 21st. They are Cramping my style!

Good Idea: Working your whole shift.
Bad Idea: Complaining the whole time. (Deborah, Guilty!)

Good Idea: Not swearing at the customers that are STUPID!
Bad Idea: Thinking you have the phone muted when you really don’t… awkward…

Good Idea: Sending Dedra an email about having a picnic.
Bad Idea: Dedra being lame and not responding to my awesomeness!

Good Idea: Making fun new friends
Bad Idea: Making new friends that are in different states.
Result: I am still in Utah without friends to hang out with. LAME! Everyone needs to move to Utah. STAT!

Good Idea: Planning a family Party at Ryan’s house!
Bad Idea: Forgetting to tell Ryan until the invites have been set out…

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