Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea - having a job you like. One that lets you make enough money to fit your needs. One that doesn't make you have an anxiety attack when you wake up knowing you have to work.
Bad Idea - Working at Schubach Jewelry With Nancy.

Result- I heart Vivint mucho

Good Idea- Stick bun party at Derek and River's house.
Bad Idea- eating 2 sticky buns, a big cinnamon roll, and 2 peanut butter brownies.

Result - massive headache from sugar overload!

Good Idea - Riding your bike everyday.
Bad Idea - getting hit by a car on the way home from the bike shop.

Result - some of the best bruises i've ever had in my life!

Good Idea - making Easter baskets for the people in your household.
Bad Idea- eating more candy than when in the baskets.

Result - I need to ride my bike more...

Good Idea - Listening to Conference
Bad Idea - thinking an explosion in a paper factory will produce a Dictionary.

Good Idea - breakfast
Bad Idea- more sugar...

Result - more bike riding...

Good Idea- writing in your journal
Bad Idea- people finding out what you wrote in your journal.

Good Idea - naps
Bad Idea- naps are NEVER a bad idea.

Good Idea - Wedding anniversaries

Result - cake at Spencer's house!!

Good Idea - helping the new people at work.
Bad Idea- me still in training and not really knowing what I'm talking about.

Result- My friend Julia and I giggling over my lame awesomeness. Hahahahaha

Good Idea - Being healthy and happy.
Bad Idea - having a headache for over a week. :(
Spencer, guilty. Poor guy...

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