Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 inches later...

So Katie and I were both feeling cabin fever setting in last night. Ben had Sophie and Spencer was with his friends.

Katie and I went to the dollar movie and then to Smiths to get milk.

We were sitting at my house. Talking about how we needed something new. That we felt weighed down.

We both have been trying to exercise more. We are both eating better. This has been good for me. Katie needed another kick start. I understand. 3 years ago I cut 15 inches of hair off. Last night we cut 30!

We cut 3, 10 inch pony tails!

This is what happens at 1am and we are thinking we need to do something drastic...


  1. love that after photo - very cute cut!

  2. It was one of our more crazy/fun moments. :o) My hair is so stinking easy now I am so excited. Thank you for cutting it. <3