Friday, January 27, 2012

Fat and Frustrated!

I have a pair of pants I want to fit into by birthday. The sad part is that these pants used to fit me. They were my favorite pair of jeans.

I don't eat fast food. I cook most of my meals. I don't drink soda very often. My problem is I don't exercise enough, I like treats and I eat late sometimes.( I don't get home from work until 9:30 some nights and need dinner.)

I'm done eating late and I'm going to exercise more.

So here is the plan. I am going to post once a week my updates. I am not at my heaviest. Not even close. I am however much heavier than I want to be. My knees are hurting again. I am tired all the time and I need a change. This is were my accountability comes in.

These are mymeasurements and my weight.

Upper arms: L: 13 1/2 R: 13 1/4
Wrists: L: 6 1/2 R: 6 1/2
Bust: 42
Waist: 36 3/4
Hips: 43 1/4
Thighs: L: 26 1/4 R: 26
Calves: L: 17 R: 16 3/4
Ankles: L: 10 1/4 R: 10 1/4
Size 12/14 pants
Weight: 191.2

That was super embarrassing to share.

Now at the very bottom of this post I have 2 pictures. I am wearing these goal pants. I can't do them up. If you have a weak stomach do not look!

Okay... now Week one.


  1. I think you are gorgeous, but I'm glad we are taking this healthy lifestyle journey together!

    1. Also, I have seen girls walking down the street in smaller jeans, with WAAAY more overflow, thinking they are the hottest thing since sliced bread. You are beautiful, don't EVER say pics of you are gross because they aren't. And I should know, I've been lovin you for 13 years ;o) <3