Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ensign Ranch 2012 AWESOMENESS!

There was no sleep but there was lots of fun!

Spencer and I got to Dad's hide on Thursday night. We had Christmas. It was awesome. Spencer got a bunch of treats in is stocking and then a $20 iTunes card. I got candy, a journal and a 16 quart stock pot that didn't fit in my suitcase. So it's still ad Dad's.

We arrived at the Ranch on Friday afternoon. Out cousin Angie came for the night. She is so fun. We played games and laughed until we couldn't breathe!
Fun was put on hold when Angie's daughter took a nose dive off the top bunk and broke her arm. We have all done stupid stuff but that was our first ER trip. Carmon is doing fine now.

We played Loaded Questions! Ryan's career at The Mustang Ranch and Butt Pimple were two running jokes. With Spencer being our official reader of the answers we were able to get him to broaden his vocabulary. Haha.
Rhonda is a klepto of socks.
Dedra and I are world famous opera singers that not only get standing ovations, we clear the room! Hahaha!
We are all minions.
Everyones nails got painted. Even the boys. No exceptions!
Payton is in love with Spencer.
We did floating lanterns.
We played pool.
We played the piano.
We talked.
We played in the snow.

We ate amazing food and a lot of it! We played games until 3am. We woke up early. We all have Mormon hang overs.
(Tummy hurts from laughing head duets from all the sugar and achy from no sleep.)

I love my family so much!

I can't wait until next year!!!!!

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