Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ensign Ranch

This is my first blog of the year. Sweet!

For those of you who are not cool enough to be an Anderson, married to an Anderson, the spawn of an Anderson or the parents who started it all, good luck getting through the doors. We have an army of kids who won't let you play.

This is the best weekend of the year! There is too much food, too little sleep and if you say it's too loud you might get beat.

Only at the Ranch is Ping Pong a full contact sport. Only at the Ranch will you see RYAN sing opera. Only at the Ranch will you see the adults get in trouble by the kids. Only at the Ranch...

We play games. We talk about things we did as kids. It's always fun to see how many times you can hear "That was you who did that!" from your parents. (We're adults. What are they going to do? Ground us?) Dedra, I Wore the house coat.

Spoons are broken, people laugh until they can breath, talents are shown, food is eaten and sleep is for the weak!

Its so fun and I can't hardly wait. Spencer and I will be flying out this afternoon. We will return Monday and I hope to have pictures for your viewing pleasure by Tuesday... And maybe the stories that go along with them. Hahahahaha

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