Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fundango Week

Oh what a week!

Monday- I hate life. Work was long and I was yelled at by a crazy lady. My evening with Spencer was quiet and nice.

Tuesday- I worked a 12 hour day. It was really slow. Longest day of my life!

Wednesday - I worked 9-3. Dad got to town right when I was off work!!! It was awesome! We went hone for a bit. We unloaded his car. I got tons of my stuff from home.
Spencer came over and took us to the Jazz concert. The concert was AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed it.
We then went to dinner. It was fun to just visit with dad and Spencer.

Thursday - I went shopping with dad. We bought 16 pounds of butter and a washer and dryer set. We had fun!
We had our early Thanksgiving. We had a good turn out. It was fun.
After dinner Heather (how is also in town), dad, Katie and I went to walmart.
Miki spent the night. We stayed up til 1 watching a movie.

Friday - spent the day with Dad, Heather + kids in SLC. we went to Temple Square and walked around all day. It was fun.
Spencer and Dad set up my washer and dryer. I did 2 loads of laundry. Funnest loads of wash i've ever done!

Saturday - I worked 9-5. Dad went to Manti for the day.
Spencer and I Made dinner for Dad and Theron and Chris. Yeppers folks, my uncle Theron and his Wife Chris had dinner at my house. Throb is still fun. Chris is still crazy. Spencer is still my Favorite.

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