Sunday, November 27, 2011

8 eggs

At work we have teamed up with some photographers. One of them came in to explain what corporate is up to.
This guy was awesome! We were all talking and he explained the "all your eggs in one basket" of dating.

You start with 10 eggs. You can have one egg in 10 baskets or 2 in 5. You just can't have more than 10 eggs. I really loved this and had to share.

1 egg - Your first date.
2 eggs- Your second date
3 eggs- Your third date

4 eggs- This is when you say you like the other person.
5 eggs- Physical touch other than lips. Arm around the shoulders or holding hands. Things like that.

You can still have 2 baskets with 5 in each. You get 10 eggs dating. Do with them what you will.

Kiss goodbye to one of the baskets!

6 eggs- Your first kiss. You only kiss one person at a time. So only one basket.
7 eggs- Constant kissing. When you are really getting to know the person. More than the fluff of eggs 1-3 . Also its the make out stage.

8 eggs- This is a big one. This Eggs is placed in the basket when you say "I love you"

9 eggs- This is marriage talk.
10 eggs- He bought the ring and it's on her finger.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why only 10 eggs in the dating game... The other 2 are when you're married.

11 eggs- Your wedding night
12 eggs- When she is pregnant.

I have 8 eggs.

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