Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Truths

10. I miss my Mom. She was some one I could talk to and get advice from. Most of the time she was crazy and I wouldn't listen but I still wish I could ask her things. My sisters are great but when they yell at me they giggle after... Mom didn't giggle... It's just not the same.

9. I live 1000 miles from my family. 2500 mikes fron one of my best friends. And in the next room is my roommate Brittany... She's a million miles away.

8. Dedra fires for no reason all the time! RUDE!

7. I go through almost 3000 texts a month. Most of them are between Spencer and I. Funny how I see him everyday and I text with him the most. Haha
6. The blankets on my bed were made special for me. Ryan and Rhonda made the bottom one for my when I was like 15 or so. The top one is my star blanket! Dedra made it for my 21st birthday. They are my mist favorite blankets.
5. I have over 200 pairs of socks. Non of them are white.
4. I have painted toe nails even though I don't like having them painted. They are bright red and sparkly. Just like my Mom's toes are. That way we match.
3. Spencer is hot. He is. I think I'll keep him.
2. I sometimes think I want to go back so school. I would love to get my instructor's license. I would love to teach people what I wish I would have known in beauty school. I'm not saying miss Anna did. Bad job... I'm just saying it's a good thing i pick up on things as easily as I do.
1. I love Spencer Hales. He's my favorite. I miss him when he's not around. I asked him to read this when I'm done writing it. He said he would. It's almost 2:30am. He's nice.

Thanks for staying up Spencer! Go to sleep! I love you.

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