Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16, 2012

As I sat in church today I looked around at all the young, happy, newly married couples. I just cried. It a painful reminder that I don't have Spencer sitting next to me holding my hand. I miss him so much.

We had our Christmas program today. It was nice. Spencer knew how much I dislike Christmas music. He would always tease me. The Christmas program was great in his eyes because he would be silly and tease me the whole time. I miss that.

I like my family ward for the most part. It's a good for the girls. The ward doesn't have a ton of youth. The doubled the young women. Haha. It's a good ward.

Happy Christmas

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  1. I miss him too. It's been hard not being in his family's ward anymore. Although we live only a block away it feels like the other side of the world because we never see each other anymore. :(

    I hope you have a good Christmas despite Spencer being gone. I hope you can enjoy the season!