Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: going to church on Sunday
Bad Idea: when visiting with the bishop you let it slip that you don't like RS...

Good Idea: walking to and from church
Bad Idea: listening to the RM sound track and rocking out as cars point at you and wonder if you're okay. (Guilty)

Good Idea: wearing your glasses
Bad Idea: wearing your back up glasses that look way different than your normal glasses to church and no one recognizes you. (That was special for me)

Good Idea: making cup cakes for the girls I visit teach.
Bad Idea: having my home teachers come over before I go visiting teaching.

Good Idea: making friends in my ward
Bad Idea: working every other sunday and making your RS pres think I need to be her personal project.

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