Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cross Roads

There are some times in life you find yourself not knowing where you should go. Should I go "That a way" or "This a way"? When Dedra was up for a visit we found ourselves in just such a place. :)
In this same area there are tons of silly road names. It makes me happy. They are so Rad. When you first see them you think you are nuts, but no. The road names are!

So Today is my Mom's Birthday. She wasn't too excited about having another birthday. She doesn't like that all her kids are growing up and leaving home. :( This picture was taken at 11:45 pm ish way back in August. She didn't want to cook and Dedra and I had been going to Shari's alot anyway so Mom, Dad, Dedra and I all went out. It was really fun and we were all silly. I love being able to have silly moments with my family. It makes for fun memories.
I think my favorite memory or at least one of them with my Mom is When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. We were making the candy and we were a day behind where Mom thought we should have been. She was so grumpy with all of us for not working as fast as she thought we should have been. So Adam and I decided that we were going to stay up all night and finish decorating all the candy baskets that were left. We had a seminary table and the piano and then part of the built in table left. When everyone else went to sleep Adam and I got up and got to work. We didn't finish before mom got up. We were so sad when we got cought. We were still at the table when Mom got out of bed. I started to cry when I saw her. (It was my first all nighter) I was so tired and sad that we didn't finish. We only had what was on the piano left. Mom was so relieved when she saw what we had done. Adam and I were so glad that she didn't make us go to school! We went to bed and then when we woke up we had to get back to work on the candy... BUT WE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL!!! :) I love my mom so much! She is a lady of many talents.

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